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Children of Life

1 John series

August 29, 2020

Who are we? 

We might define our identity based on our ethnicities, our nationalities our genders, our jobs, or our hobbies. These things define who we are, and therefore, what we do. But as Christians, we have God above all those things who defines our identity as his children. And therefore, what we do should also follows our identity as children of God. What does it mean to have the identity as children of light? How are we supposed to live out this identity?

Join us as we explore these themes by looking at the first letter of John.


COTC small group

A Christian life is a life lived together as the body of Christ. For the sake of discipleship and mutual growth, small groups have become an important part of church life.

This small group meets every Wednesday at 7pm at church.

Everyone is welcomed.

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