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Do You Choose Life or Death?

Deuteronomy series : Part I

July 11, 2020

The word “deuteronomy” literally means second law. Obviously, God thinks the Law is so important that it deserves to be repeated again in a book other than Exodus. But why is the Law so important? And what is the significance of the Law for us Christians in the age of freedom under Jesus Christ? Is the Law still relevant for the world outside of the church?

In the series, we’re going to explore Deuteronomy and see the Law as a beautiful reflection of the glorious character of God.


COTC small group

A Christian life is a life lived together as the body of Christ. For the sake of discipleship and mutual growth, small groups have become an important part of church life.

This small group meets every Wednesday at 7pm at church.

Everyone is welcomed.

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